Why is good attendance important from the employee and the supervisor's points of view?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From an employee's point of view, good attendance provides the employee with a sense of continuity and pride in his or her work, allows the employee to have a greater sense of being on the team, provides for a full paycheck, and is likely to make the employee more promotable and less likely to lose a job.  Some workplaces reward good attendance, with some sort of recognition, or occasionally, with bonuses.  Attendance, good or bad, is also usually noted in the employee evaluation process. 

From a supervisory point of view, good attendance helps to ensure that work will be completed and that there will be less or no resentment amongst employees over slackers.  Staffing is a supervisory function, and the unreliable employee creates extra work for the supervisor, who must then address the staffing needs, often with short notice.  Another employee might have to be called in and paid overtime wages, or a temp agency might have to provide an extra at a higher rate.