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Why is globalization and marketing are important in today economy?

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This is a good question. Let me start with the importance of globalization and then talk about marketing.

First, globalization is important, because nations are no longer insular. They work together, trade with each other, and draw from each others strengths. When it all works well, then globalization can make things more efficient, more profitable, and more beneficial for all people. In light of these benefits, it is important to consider globalization when it comes to business. Let me give one example. We manufacture many of our goods in China, which makes it cheaper for us, and at the same times benefits the Chinese economy by granting employment. With this said, there are also weaknesses, but that is for another post.

When it comes to marketing, it too is important, because it seeks to study the best way to introduce products or services to customers. This is the intersection between a company and the public. It, therefore, seeks to get customers, retain them, and mark them loyal in the long run. All of this gives a competitive edge, which is key.

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yitbarek | Student

first of all thanks for thechnology that make the world like a city and easly every marchant has its on share in the global market and wishes to atend the global market. after you take this in account you are expected to ask the question what markiting have to do and expected to do? for me that marketring have to show the way and make those marchants dream came true. so simply marketing is a profetion that gide the marchan to stape the stares and it can undrestand the preasent, pridict the future and control the present. i think i show you their relation insimple way and make you decide that they have inter relation and that marketing is neccwsary for global market with its globaly accepted principles.