What is the significance of Giles Corey being expelled from court?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The significance of Corey being expelled from the court represents several elements of note.  The first would be that the court is shown not to be really interested in anything but substantiating its own power.  Corey's refusal to name his informant and thus succumb to the court's wishes represents how the court is more interested in being able to advance its own agenda more than anything else.  At the same time, the court shows itself to not necessarily follow the respect for individual rights, demanding Corey to speak.  His own right to remain silent is what causes him to be expelled and thus thrown in jail.  Additionally, Corey's refusal to acquiesce to the court's wishes represents how dissent cannot and will not be tolerated in Salem.  The Salem of the witch trials has become one in which acceptance and conformity are demanded.  Dissent and speaking out have become frowned upon.  At the same time, Corey's expulsion demonstrates how much of a movement away from the truth the court has represented.  It can no longer be denied in how the court's movement in expelling Corey represents its own movement as far away from the truth as possible.  Corey's expulsion brings this out and illuminates it to be clearly seen.