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Why is the Gettysburg Address so memorable?

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There will be many reasons why the speech is so memorable.  I think that I consider it to be memorable because it represents the essence of how the framers' envisioned American Government.  Lincoln sets out to make "some remarks" regarding those who perished in the Civil War Battle.  Yet, I think that what he actually did was transform how American Government was to be described.  Even more memorable than the battle was the address than ended up defining the nation's purpose and the theoretical underpinnings of its government.  Consider the idea that "that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth" would become a transcendental end pursued.  The Gettysburg Address is so memorable in my mind because it did much to define what government should be at that moment and what American government should represent throughout the nation's being.  For anything to be so bold in attempting to define what government should be and to what ends it must always pursue is memorable.  The Republicanist ideas of representative government embodying the will of the people is what makes the speech so compelling and so memorable.  In this, Lincoln's "brief remarks" ended up in being one of the most transcendental notions of the American political good.

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