Of Mice and Men Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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Why does George tell Lennie to be quiet when they meet the boss of the ranch in Of Mice and Men?

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George tells Lennie to be quiet so the boss will not notice that he is slow.

George and Lennie travel around together, because George looks out for Lennie.  George may be smaller, but he is the one with the brains.  Lennie is large, and mentally impaired.  George looks out for him.

They often get into trouble because of Lennie.  The reason they are going to another job is because Lennie tried to touch a lady’s dress.  The lady probably was afraid of him, because he is big and was trying to touch her.  He just likes soft things.  However, they had to go on the run.

Although Lennie is slow, he is a hard worker and a good one.  As long as he does what George tells him, he can do his job.  George just has to make sure that he hangs on to his work ticket so...

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