Of Mice and Men Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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why were george and lennie going to the ranch

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To answer this question, take a look at Chapter One when we meet George and Lennie on their way to the new ranch. From their conversation, we learn that they were forced to leave their previous ranch because Lennie got into trouble. Specifically, Lennie wanted to stroke a girl's dress because it felt soft. However, she believed that he was trying to rape or hurt her, which resulted in George and Lennie having to flee the ranch and find work elsewhere.

Another reason for going to the ranch is financial. George and Lennie have a dream of owning their own ranch and must save up enough money if they are to make this dream a reality. The new ranch, therefore, will provide them a living while they get the money together to buy a place of their own.

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feenerella | Student

After reading chapter one, we find that George and Lennie are headed to the new ranch for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because Lennie got in trouble at their previous ranch. More specifically, Lennie has a fascination with soft things and wanted to touch a woman's soft dress. Unaware of Lennie's disability, the woman thought that he was trying to hurt or even rape her, so George and Lennie were required to flee that ranch. They obtained work permits and proceeded to find work in Soledad on the new ranch.

The second reason they are headed to the ranch is because they must work to earn money to achieve their dream. Both George and Lennie have a dream of owning their own ranch someday where Lennie can tend to the rabbits. This current ranch will provide them with a place to live while they save their money to one day buy their own piece of land.