Why is the geography of Afghanistan important?  Why is the geography of Afghanistan important?  

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Why is the geography of Afghanistan important?  

Why is the geography of Afghanistan important?


  Afghanistan must be important because so many countries keep fighting over it!  It has high, rugged mountains that are a natural barrier that makes it difficult to invade it.  The mountains also have many caves to hide in, making it possible for criminals and terrorists to hole up in them and impossible for their enemies to find them. 

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I think one of the above posters said it quite well, we are currently in a war against terrorists who have chosen Afghanistan precisely for it's geography and the ease in which they can hide within the mountainous areas of the country.

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The United States and its allies have placed troops in Afghanistan. The Taliban is in power and al-Quaeda is known to operate there. For those two reasons alone, it is essential that the geography of the country is studied and known well to the armed forces of those nations.

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Afghanistan isn't really a country.  It is much more accurately described as just a collection of tribes.  One of the factors that has prevented it from being a more unified country is its geography.  Rugged and mountainous, there are many regions of the country with virtually no roads at all, which isolates its various peoples and parts even further.  This is one of the reasons, as previous posters have stated, that it is very difficult for any foreign army to successfully control the nation or develop it.

Take, for example, the fact that we have been there for over eight years, but have yet to locate Osama bin Laden, who is still believed to be in the country, nor have we been able to have complete control over all of the cities, due to their isolation and separation.

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In addition to pohnpei's excellent answer, Afghanistan's geography is probably more important in relationship to the United States than ever before. With the U.S.'s military presence in the country and its recent surge to draw the Taliban out of their mountain hideaways, a thorough knowledge of the terrain is essential. Through a process of trial and error, the U.S. military is learning not only about the unique topography of the area, but also about what weapons and equipment work best. The climate is also extreme in nature, with summer temperatures as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit followed by sub-freezing winter weather. The temperature sometimes fluxuates as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day.

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There are a couple of ways in which Afghanistan's geography has been important.

First, its location has been important.  Its position between Russia and British India made it into a place that was fought over by the Russians and the British.  The fact that it is near to Russia also caused it to be invaded in 1979.

Second, the terrain of Afghanistan has been important.  Because the country is so mountainous, it has been hard for any invader (Britain, USSR, US) to successfully pacify the country.

Afghanistan's location has made it get invaded now and then, but its topography has made it very hard for anyone (including its own government) to completely rule it.

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Geography of  Afghanistan, or for that matter of any country, will be important to different set of people for different reasons.

The geographical information is useful in many different fields such as anthropology, biology, business, economics, geology, politics, sociology and warfare. Geography of a country helps us to understand the situation and problems of a country from  economic, social, cultural, political and other similar perspectives.

Geography of a country is important for the people of that country as well as of other countries, who may or may not have direct interest in that country. For example, a an airlines is interested in geography of not only the countries from where it has flights landing and take off but also in countries over which its planes may fly.

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Geography of Afghanistan by its inaccessibility has been a testing point for extreme ideologies or religions. But perhaps the worst thing is that Afghanistan's  base resource is the culture of poppies for heroin. Afghanistan is the main producer of heroin in the world, a scourge with invisible victims .

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It depends on what you consider the meaning of important is. It was an important trading post on the Silk Road route and considered to be a link between the East and Far East and the West and Europe. With a population of approximatelyy 28 million people occupying an area of 251 thousand square miles, many people would say that most of the land is uninhabitable. Its mountainous terrain has protected it from invasion to a certain degree in that it createsnatural defense lines. It also has vast quantities of resources which are hard to mine due to the topography.