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why is the fourteenth century described as an age of diversity?

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The fourteenth century was marked by enormous changes and events that radically affected persons living at that time. While the Renaissance is usually considered as starting in the 1400's, the period of the fourteenth century certainly featured developments that contributed to its beginning.

Wars during the fourteenth century included the Hundred Years War, the Bulgarian-Ottoman Wars, and the Battle of Lake Poyang. Rulers during the century included Dmitry I of Moscow, Edward III of England, Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China, Louis the Great of Hungary, and Osman Gazi of the Ottoman Turks, among many others. Fourteenth century events ranged from the Black Plague to the move of the Avignon Papacy to France to the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan. Inventions during that time period include the first handgun, rockets, cannonballs filled with gun powder, and knitting.


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