Why are flowers an important part of plants?  

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A flower is the reproductive organ of a plant. The anatomy of a flower contains both male and female parts. Pollen is the male reproductive cell of a flower. Pollen is contained in the anther of a flower. An anther is located on top a stalk called a filament. In order for fertilization of the plant to occur, pollen must be transferred from the anther to the female part of a flower called the stigma. Insects or wind may aid in the transferring of pollen to the stigma of a plant. The transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant is called pollination. Once the pollen is on the stigma, a pollen tube forms down the style. Eventually, the pollen grain reaches the flower’s ovary and fertilization occurs. The fertilized egg becomes the embryo of the seed. The seed then germinates into another plant.

It should be noted that some flowers contain both male and female parts and are able to self-fertilize. Other species of plants have male plants and female plants. These types of plants cross-pollinate.


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