Why are Florida's roads white (Bahamas too)?What causes the white appearance of tropical roads?

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engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a native Floridian and sixth-generation descendent of "Florida Crackers," I believe the answer you're looking for is this one:

Florida is "The Sunshine State," both in name and in nature. Because of its location and its bountiful sunlight year-round, the paving on roads statewide gets "bleached" by the sunlight. In addition, the makeup of our roads is sometimes not your typical asphalt, but rather, a hybrid mixture of concrete, pavement, and tar byproducts. The chemistry involved there also contributes to the "white" appearance of some of our roads.

I don't know if the answer is the same for the Bahamas or not, but my bet would be that it is, due to the plentiful solar rays and its sometimes-questionable road composure. Hope this helps.

revolution | Student

This is because of the sunlight that is shining upon the roads. Nicknamed the "Sunshine State", it is best known for his shining light throughout the years back then, so the roads literally get "camouflaged" in whiteness. The roads are mixed with a bit of concrete, a bit of tar and other substances, and the chemical processes involved also contributed to the white appearance perceived by people. Hope it help!

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