What are five reasons why one should study anatomy and physiology?

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This sounds like a very specific question for class, so pay attention to your class notes or your text, as their reasons may not be the same as the ones I am about to provide.

1)  Background medical knowledge - When studying to become a doctor, nurse or therapist, or even a dentist, advanced training and learning in those fields require a basic working knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

2)  Health - Understanding the parts of the human body and how they work will promote your own personal health and those of your family members.

3)  Sports Medicine/Coaching - when working with students and athletes, it is important to know anatomy in order to ensure quick assessment and treatment of injuries, as well as promoting their prevention.

4)  First Responders - Those who respond to emergencies, are part of search and rescue or are just citizen bystanders are the ones who will first come into contact with those needing physical help.  Advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology will make it easier to give or obtain them proper treatment.

5)  Biology/Chemistry/Anthropology - Those going on to study chemistry or biology can get a background understanding of anatomy that they can then apply to the study of other species, or to medical and pharmaceutical research that might aid human life.

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