The First Seven Years

by Bernard Malamud
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Why does feld think max is a good husband for miriam

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Feld the shoemaker thinks—wrongly, as it turns out—that Max would be the ideal husband for his daughter, Miriam. Max is a studious, hard-working young man who gives the impression that he's going places. Feld particularly admires him for his dedication to education, which sets him apart from Miriam.

This should alert Feld to the fact that Max and Miriam are fundamentally incompatible. But he ignores the obvious mismatch and encourages Max to start dating his daughter. Almost inevitably, the two don't get on very well; they simply have nothing in common. All the while Feld had the ideal husband for Miriam right underneath his nose: Sobel, his young assistant. Feld had never dreamed of Sobel's being the man to make an honest woman of his daughter. He was always too dazzled by Max's book smarts to think of any other potential suitor.

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