why the eyes of the traveller is 'grey' as described in the phrase "Gray Eyes" By Walter De La Mare in his poem "The Listeners"

igmimi | Student

In the poem the poet tries paint an eerie picture.The word 'grey' could probably mean the reflection of the moon in the travellers eyes..or it could also mean that the poet is further trying to infuse the element of suspense and supernatural into the poem as there is no mention of the identity of the traveller, his motive in being there that time of the night or even the reason of his arrival to the house where noone lived or in fact the destination the traveller is heading for.The entire poem is shrouded with mystery and indeed makes the reader ponder over it over and over again as all the answers are left to the imgination of the reader...

gvansaru | Student

he  might be the ghost himself and was travelling at night in the dark forest

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