Why exactly does Juliet side Romeo over Tybalt after knowing how Tybalt was killed?Please give all the possible reasons, if possible. :) Thank you! :)

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
At first, Juliet doesn't side with Romeo. She asks "why then poor villain didst thou kill my cousin." After thinking things through on her own, she begins to change her opinion as she says "what tongue shall smooth thy name when I thy three hours wife hath mangled it." Juliet begins to side with Romeo because she is in love with him. She has just married Romeo and thinks he is an angel. She begins to realize that there must be some missing information. Surely the man she loves would not have killed her cousin without provocation. Perhaps, the catalyst for this change in Juliet is the Nurse. She begins to express a poor opinion of Romeo now that he has killed Tybalt. Juliet was in agreement with many of the Nurse's comments until she heard them spoken by someone else. It is then she realizes that she cannot think such horrible things about the man she has married. While Juliet never finds out specifically what happened, she trusts Romeo acted justly. Of course, we know that Romeo was provoked, but Juliet takes it all on faith.