Why is everyone so incredibly obsessed over this book?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many respects, I think that the fascination over the book is both a response over what is happening in the book as well as our own current condition.  I don't think that it's a coincidence that the element of "reality television" is taken to its most logical extreme in the book.  A world in which "reality tv" is "reality" is something to which many can connect, as we find ourselves in such a setting today.  This might be something to help explain the fascination with the setting of the book.  Collins is mindful of this as she is the first to suggest that the climate of "Reality television" can only possess bizarre conclusions when extrapolated far enough.  The inspirational element being derived from Collins flipping channels and seeing a reality television competition on one channel and footage of the Iraq War on the other helps to illuminate this.  I think that another reason why there is fascination with the narrative and the novel would have to be due to the fact that it is the children that help to bring about the change to the Status Quo. The questioning of life in Panem is not brought about by adults or older people.  It is Katniss and Peeta who see their own role as being agents of change.  Katniss, in particular, is a fascinating character because while she is young, she is the noble embodiment of honor, self- sacrifice, and courage.  From the adolescent reader point of view who considers their own world as bizarre and fundamentally challenging, being able to channel their own desire for change through Katniss makes for a very interesting and compelling angle, whereby public support of the book becomes more evident and passion more demonstrative.

bunnylove | Student

Violence, Love, Hate, War, Action, Adventure, Thrill, etc.

popan006 | Student

it is a good book and it is unique and unlike most other books

cupi8114 | Student

This book has"hit hard" with most teenagers to adults