How can Ernest Hemingway be considered an international artist?

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If Hemingway is considered an international artist, it might have something to do with the fact that Hemingway never felt himself needing to be confined to one nation.  Hemingway understood early on that fame was akin to a "borderless passport," where the contours of national identity seemed to disappear.  Hemingway was an American driving Ambulances in World War I, wrote in Paris as part of the expatriated "Lost Generation," covered the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent, lived in Paris during the Allied Liberation, participated in safaris in Africa, and lived in Cuba and Key West before the Castro Revolution.  In such a varied existence, the only constant was Hemingway's fame and his notoriety along with a reputation that preceded him.  In this light, Hemingway was able to experience "the best of life" or wander from place to place in search of something resembling contentment.  Individual perceptions will differ on this point, but because of his own ability to travel the world over and create part of his literary and celebrity- like reputation on creating works in different part of the world, Hemingway can be seen as an international artist.

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