Why is efficiency no longer necessary?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Orwell constructs Big Brother in such a manner that even if the government was inefficient, who would complain?  Who would listen?  Who would launch a campaign to change it?  Who would care?  It is in this setting that Orwell suggests the real terror of centralized government without any recourse or limitation.  This helps to enhance his thematic motivation.  The government no longer needs to answer the charge of inefficiency because it has consolidated all the power it requires.  It has full control over the people, and will ensure that the people like Goldstein, and to a lesser extent, Julia and Winston, will be subdued and handled.  The government does not need to appeal to the basis of efficiency because it controls everything and will be able to maintain its hold over others.  The ability to enslave its citizens, denying them free will, has made the government impervious to charges of inefficiency.  It is in this light where I think that the social and political setting that Big Brother has constructed makes efficiency no longer necessary, and something about which it no longer needs to worry.

ericna14 | Student
The Party doesn't need to be efficient because it not only has full power, the people also have nothing to compare to. It's like in Russia during the Cold War, where people dididn't realize poverty and other such factors were unusual til perestroika was started. If people don't realize there's greener grass elsewhere, why bother fighting it?