In "Twilight", why is Edward so attracted to Bella, apart from the way she smells to him?i didnt really notice any key points in the book or the movie that suggested any other reason.

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Look at page 210 of the paperback version (pretty far into Chapter 10), and you'll see Edward say, "Trust me just this once--you are the opposite of ordinary."

Earlier on the page, he'd praised her for being perceptive.

The smell is the physical trigger, but you'd have to say he loves everything about her, including her mind and her clumsiness.


zumba96 | Student

Edward can read everyone's mind and while Bella interests him and she smells amazing to him as well. Edward wants to know more about Bella and who she is. As much as he wants her to stay away from him he also wants Bella to be his in a way. 

udonbutterfly | Student

I think what initially pulls Edward in aside from Bella's scent would be his inability to read Bella's mind. Because of this It sort of makes him more curious about what Bella is and analyze who she is. Bella is basically this mysterious puzzle that Edward can't solve and the more he becomes curious the more he becomes attached to Bella.

sista10s | Student

it's because she's a "complicated" "fragile human" he says it a lot... you just have to lyk puzzle it all togetrher =]

joannxvi | Student

If you would read Midnight sun you would understand that apart from her scent, Edward finds Bella attractive because of her positive characters, like being selfless. Also, he finds her beautiful in so many ways.... also, out of curiosity why he can't read her mind, made him intrigued all the more.

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