Why does Eddie have to apologize to Mr. Stiles' neighbor in Buried Onions?

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Eddie had to apologize to Mr. Stiles' neighbor because of a misunderstanding that took place between Eddie and Mr. Stiles' neighbor's son the previous day. Eddie had been digging a hole in Mr. Stiles' driveway when a blue-eyed boy drove by on a bicycle and inquired about what Eddie was doing. Eddie responded telling the boy that he was digging the hole in preparation to plant a birch tree. However, the boy misheard Eddie’s reply and thought Eddie mentioned the word “bitch.” He must have mentioned it to his mother because the following day when Eddie reported to work, Mr. Stiles seemed displeased. After Eddie had clarified the conversation between him and the boy, Mr. Stiles accompanied him to the neighbor’s house so that Eddie could apologize.


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