Why is it easier for the Prime Minister of Great Britain to pass legislation than it is for the President of the United States?

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In Great Britain, the Prime Minister comes from the majority party in the House of Commons, the country's legislative body. Thus, the Prime Minister doesn’t have to be too concerned about an opposing party blocking his actions.

In the United States, the President is in a different branch of government than...

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the Congress. The President is part of the executive branch, while Congress is in the legislative branch. Thus, Congress has to act on ideas that the President has. If the opposing party controls one or both houses of Congress, the President may have difficulty getting his ideas passed by Congress. The President also has to be concerned that the judicial branch could declare some of his ideas that became law as unconstitutional or illegal. The concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances make it more difficult for the President of the United States to get laws passed than for the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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