Why is the driving age an issue?I'm doing a persuasion essay on why the driving age should be changed....

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think parents and concerned citizens are not so much worried about kids' driving ability as they are about what kids do and where they go when they can drive cars. It is pretty obvious that kids can and do get into a whole lot of trouble if they are free to go driving around in automobiles. Therefore, it seems to me, partly based on my own youthful experience and partly based on my having survived being the parent of three teenage drivers, that sixteen is young enough for a boy or girl to get a driver's license. 

krishna-agrawala | Student

The minimum permissible age for driving restrictions are imposed for ensuring the safety of the people who drive as well as other users of the road.

The ability to drive with reasonable standard of safety is related closely with physical abilities such as height, strength, physical dexterity, as well as the the degree of judgement, caution and responsibility that can be associated with mental development with age.

While deciding the right driving age the consideration of safety need to be balanced with that of individual need to drive.

When we think seriously about these issues a few things are quite clear. Very young people do not have either the physical or mental capacity to drive safely. Further we can say that very young children also don't have that great need to drive.Once we agree on this, it becomes clear that some kind of minimum age limit for driving is justified. The only thing that remains to be settled is the right age for this. The only reasonable open issue in this matter is, "what is the right age limit for driving?" and not "If there should be a minimum age limit for driving?"

Ideally this age limit should be fixed on objective information on the relationship between the age and the driving ability and need. The exact age limit may differ from society to society depending on:

  1. Physical and psychological development characteristic of people. In some regions people may mature at younger age than others.
  2. The need for driving. In some regions automobiles are not used that extensively and people have alternate means of transport. In other regions people are dependent heavily on driving for their day to day activities also.
  3. The traffic condition. If the traffic conditions are not bad. Plus with advance of automobile design, it is easier to drive safely than it is possible to have lower age limits.


arrellbelle | Student

Are you for lowering the driving age or increasing the driving age? I'm going to assume that you are for the prior and say that in high school, i've known classmates of mine who started driving before they even had their permits or licenses. It's crazy, but I guess, if you're young, act mature, and drive carefully, it should be fine.

laurenkate2488 | Student

If you are doing the essay to LOWER the driving age here are some points for your essay. I wasn't sure what you meant by changed.

1. Youth are more mature than in past times (more variety of life experiences)

2. The rate of accidents among new drivers is not related to age but skill level

3. Teenagers can learn independance earlier to become adults faster