The Swiss Family Robinson Questions and Answers
by Johann David Wyss, Johann Rudolf Wyss

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In The Swiss Family Robinson, why dont they live in the Falcon's Nest all the time?

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You would think that Falcon's Nest would be a great place to live.  It seemed perfect for the family as they built it and they were really excited about how nice it was compared to Tent House, where they first lived.  But then, in Chapter XXVIII, winter hits and they find out why they don't want to live in Falcon's Nest full time.

Basically, Falcon's Nest does not do a good enough job of protecting them against the wind and rain.  Because of that, the winter is pretty miserable for them since all they get all winter is wind and rain.  At the end of Chapter XXVIII, even Elizabeth is getting frustrated and upset with the way they are having to live during the winter.  She is determined that they should have a better place to live when the weather is bad.

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