Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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In Animal Farm, why don't the pigs like the pet raven Moses' stories about Sugarcandy Mountain?

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In Animal Farm, Sugarcandy Mountain is a place where it is "Sunday seven days a week," where "lump sugar" grows on the hedges and "clover" is in season "all year round." As its name suggests, it is the animal equivalent of Heaven and its story is spread around the farm by Moses, the lazy and troublesome raven.

There a number of reasons why the pigs do not want Moses to tell the animals about Sugarcandy Mountain. First, this place acts as an unwelcome distraction on the farm. If the animals are dreaming of Sugarcandy Mountain, they are escaping from the realities of everyday life, like working hard and obeying the pigs. For the pigs, too much dreaming might cause laziness and promote lethargy.

Second, Sugarcandy Mountain poses a potential problem to the social order on the farm. If the animals are thinking about this utopia where all animals are equal, they may realize they are treated differently than the pigs. They may become aware that the pigs eat more and have greater control over the operation of the farm. If this happens, there is a danger that the animals will rise up and rebel.

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