In Never Let Me Go, why don't the "donors" in the story just escape? Why don't they just refuse to sacrifice themselves by giving away their organs?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question! The truth is that we are never given any indication at all of why the donors do not wish to escape or flee from their fate. We are never told of any of them that try to do this - they all seem to except their fate without even questioning it, as the central protagonist does by the end of the story. I guess we are left to infer that this is their role in life that they have been made for and prepared for and it has become such a part of their consciousness and being that they can't comprehend defying their "purpose" or the reason for their existence. Maybe the genetic engineers created them to be specifically subservient to their fate and to not have the capacity to rebel.

Either way, this is a really interesting question and gives us lots to think about. You might want to post this as a discussion to get more responses.

kavitamathai eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The clones don't think of escaping for the simple reason that this is not really a novel about clones or bioethics. The point is that we just do. All of us. Most of us are not even aware that of the inevitability of our fate. We just go on though we know that there is only one end. To read the novel as sci fi is to misread. The entire premise is a symbolic one.

colleen-robertson | Student

Does this very question also serve as a critique of religion? By this I mean are Kathy and her freinds reminiscent of those who are indoctrinated into a certain religion at an early age and consequently lose the ability to challenge what they are instructed to accept? I think this adds to the overall layering effect of the novel. It is not simply about cloning: it is about the psychology of love, friendship and sacrifice.

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