Why don't the better-educated, well-off men in Maycomb serve on the jury in Chapter 23 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Maycomb juries are usually made up of rural residents who live outside of town--"they all come from out in the woods," from Old Sarum or other parts of the county. The juries are all male, since women are not yet allowed by Alabama law to serve. Atticus explains to Jem and Scout that most of the townspeople "aren't interested" in serving on juries because they are "afraid" of losing business customers and even friends. For example, if one juror has to decide against a friend in which damages are awarded, he "wouldn't like the thought of losing... business at his store..." So, most Maycomb townspeople request to be excused, and Judge Taylor usually obliges, though sometimes "wrathfully." 

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