Why don't all poems rhyme?Why don't all poems rhyme? 

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Poems generally have a rhythm, but they don't always have a rhyme.  That's because rhyme is not the most important element of a poem.  Instead, a poem should convey (express) an emotion or an image, something we can feel or see (or touch or hear or taste).  Poetry has become recognizable for rhyme, but it's certainly not a requirement. 

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Akanan made a nice point about writers and the constrictions of conventions placed on them by their preconceptions of what writing should be. Rhymes should not be forced--even in forms that require certain rhyme schemes, the author should work very diligently to craft an effective use of rhyme.

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The previous post really did a nice job of explaining it, and I would only like to add to that.  The poet's job is to connect with the reader in the purest of expressions.  Whatever means assist with that function is essential.  If the poet needs to invoke a rhyme scheme to do it, fine.  If the poet does not need to use a rhyme to to do it, then that, too, is fine.  If a poet becomes constricted with necessary preconditions, it might taint the ability to freely express one's thoughts and ideas, precluding that purpose of having "to connect."

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Why don't we all have the same color eyes or hair?  Wouldn't it be boring if everything were exactly the same! 

Just as there are many different types of people--skin, hair, eye color, height, weight, face shapes, preferences--there are different types of poetry.  Some follow a particular format--certain numbers of lines, rhyme scheme, rhythm.  Like haikus, cinquains, sonnets, and all the songs you hear on the radio.

Some or more free and flowing like just talking to someone else.  This is what blank or free verse sound like when you read it. 

Thank goodness for variety!

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Another type of non-rhyming poetry is called "blank verse". Blank verse is non-rhyming iambic pentameter. It is more structured that free verse because it has a steady rhythm, but does not require a rhyme scheme.

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There are many different types of poetry. Some poetry, such as sonnets and odes rhyme. Some poetry does not rhyme: we call this free verse. Free verse was first made popular by Walt Whitman who published "Leaves of Grass" in the nineteenth century. Whitman thought that poetry should be organic an unifying. He did not want to keep to the rules and standards of traditional poetry. He wanted poetry to be a connecting experience that unifies humanity. His poetry was intended for the general populace. Free verse is an unregulated expression of the soul.

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As with many different types of poetry, one of the first reasons is language; in which words do not translate well into other languages and when it comes to author's purpose, a rhyme would interfere with that purpose.

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im 13 and i dont write poems that Rhyme, like..


Belive in yourself

Your Time will come

patience is your only alli



Love and pain are Twins

You cannot seek one with out finding the other



Some of life hurts

Pain can be white

Pain can be red

Its All here



With what earth offers

and what life is

you would think we

would be sane



Awake I may be

shadowing dawns path

Asleep I am inside

Until loves burning touch

come to my side..


most of my poems do not rhyme..



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