Why don't Julian's parents think Beecher Prep is a good fit for him?

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Auggie has been given the good news from Mr. Tushman that his antagonist, the school bully Julian Albans, won't be coming back to Beecher Prep for next term. Apparently, his parents no longer think that the school is a good fit for him. But one gets the impression that there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Reading between the lines, it's possible to figure out the real reason why Julian won't be coming back.

Earlier on in the story, after the incident in the forest, Amos became a big hero for confronting the thugs who threatened Jack and Auggie. But as Julian wasn't there, he quickly became out of the loop—which, for someone like Julian, is a pretty bad place to be.

When the children return to school after the incident, Julian continues to treat Auggie in the same appalling way. However, the difference now is that he's about the only one at school who does, and so neither Auggie nor Jack could really care less. Julian, then, is an isolated figure. One gets the distinct impression that it's this isolation that has led his parents to conclude that Beecher Prep is no longer a good fit for him.

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