He-y, Come On Ou-t!

by Shinichi Hoshi

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Why don't any of the villagers notice the hole before the typhoon hits the village in "He-y, Come On Ou-t"?

It seems that none of the villagers notice the hole before the typhoon hits the village in "He-y, Come On Ou-t" because the hole didn't yet exist. It seems that the typhoon has somehow caused the hole to open in the ground.

Expert Answers

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The village in question, a small one not far from the city, has just experienced a devastating typhoon. During the typhoon, a small religious shine is swept away by a giant mudslide. Once the typhoon is over and the coast is clear, villagers emerge from their hiding places to inspect the damage. They immediately see the wreckage of the religious shrine near the mountains and decide to rebuild it. The problem, however, is that the villagers don't know exactly where the shrine used to be and so will find it difficult to rebuild it on the exact same spot it's occupied for such a long time.

It's when they're debating among themselves exactly where they should build the new shrine that they notice a gigantic hole in the ground. It would seem that the hole has been caused by the landslide, the very same landslide responsible for sweeping away the old shrine. In that sense, one could say that the landslide has generated an enormous void at the heart of the village, both literal and figurative. As well as the physical void, the giant hole in the ground, there's also a spiritual void now that the old religious shrine has been destroyed.

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