Why doesn't Winnie ask the man in the yellow suit for help when she is being kidnapped?

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There are a number of reasons. First of all, there's something about the man in the yellow suit that just creeps her out. The previous night, the man had been acting kind of weird and Winnie immediately felt that this was someone not to be trusted. Moreover, we already know that Winnie is fascinated by the elf music coming from the forest. She's drawn to the place and wants to find out more about it and the people who live there. Winnie's effectively run away from home, and as the Tucks are such nice people, she has no reason to want to go back any time soon. Besides, when the Tucks kidnap Winnie, they make it clear straight away that they're not going to hurt her. And as Winnie implicitly trusts them as much as she distrusts the man in the yellow suit, she doesn't ask the man for help.

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