Why doesn't Kit want to go away with Nat to Saybrook or the West Indies in The Witch at Blackbird Pond?

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Kit has a couple of good reasons for not going away with Nat. Nat may not perceive her reasons as the actual reasons. He might think that she doesn't like him, or that she's mad at him for the prank he pulled on William. But the truth for her choice to stay home is this:

  1. The women in Kit's house are sick. For Kit to have taken responsibility for Judith, Mercy and Rachel is a tremendous improvement for a character like Kit. She is taking responsibility and caring about a family.
  2. Hannah is being pursued by the community. Kit has seriously befriended Hannah the Quaker. This is important because Hannah has no one in this Puritan culture who will accept her. They all believe her to be of the Devil.

This time in Kit's life certainly displays her character as changing. She used to be very selfish and think of her own needs. Here we see her fending for those around her. 

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