illustration of a giant insect with the outline of a man in a suit standing within the confines of the insect

The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka

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Why doesn't Gregor or his family try to find a cure?

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Gregor Samsa's condition is too extreme, too grotesque, too horrible for anyone to think of finding a cure for it. He has turned into a monstrous bug like a cockroach and has numerous tiny legs to crawl around on. He can only think of hiding from the world, and his family evidently thinks the same thing. If they sent for a doctor to examine him, Gregor would end up confined to a cell in some institution. The scientists wouldn't know how to begin to treat such a monster, assuming they even accepted him as a human being who had undergone such a horrible metamorphosis. Gregor seems to be hoping that his condition is the result of a bad dream and that if he can only hide out for a while he might return to his normal self. After all, he changed into an insect overnight; why couldn't he change back overnight?

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