In "The Great Gatsby, why doesn't Gatsby get the money that Dan Cody left for him?

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we read about the American dream in the 1920's.  The main character was Jay Gatsby and the main topic of the narration by Nick Carraway.  It is through Nick that the reader learns of Jay's involvement with the eccentric, Dan Cody.  Dan liked Gatsby's energy and eagerness to learn.  He trained Jay and took him places that Gatsby would never have gone. 

"Gatsby spots the moored yacht of Dan Cody. In an action that changes the young boy's life, Cody welcomes him aboard his yacht and introduces him to fine living. Gatsby becomes the protege of the wealthy gold miner and lives with him until Cody dies."

Gatsby doesn't receive the Cody fortune because his Cody's family swoops in and takes the money. This story is recounted in chapter 8 of the novel.  Nick is home from the city and has seen the accident scene.  He goes to Gatsby to encourage him to leave town but instead Gatsby insists on protecting Daisy and it is at this point in the novel that Gatsby shares the story of Dan Cody.

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i believe that gatsby did not recieve the money beacaus e they hid it from him and the family took it .

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I think Gatsby could have taken the money if he wanted to but he values his friendship with Dan Cody too much