Why doesn't Clover trust her own memory about original wording?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clover represents so much of the trusting body politic.  In both her sincerity and openness as well as her lack of questioning, Clover embodies the perfect citizenry able to be controlled by the likes of Napoleon and Squealer.  She sees so much which is wrong, but believes in Animalism so much that she won't question it.  Even when it is evident that in  her own mind, something "isn't right," she never questions the structure around her. She will merely dismiss it as being confused in her own mind and something that is beyond her capacity. It is for this reason that Clover does not trust her own memory about the original wording in the commandment written on the side of the barn.  She recognizes that it "looks" different.  Yet, she understands that this might be due to her own lack of knowledge.  It is here why she asks Benjamin about the wording of the last commandment.  She believes herself to be ignorant that she might be wrong, even though it is painfully clear that she was right, just as she has been right on many elements that have caused question in her about what is happening on the farm.  As Benjamin reads it, we understand that she was right in that there is a change.