Why doesn't Cherry want to see Dally again? 

Expert Answers
jking22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Outsiders, Cherry Valance, a Soc girl who dates Bob, the Soc later killed by Johnny, is introduced to the reader in Chapter 2, where she meets Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, and later, Two-Bit, at The Dingo drive-in. After Dally is rude to her and her friend Marcia, he leaves when they both resist his attempts to come onto them. Ponyboy and Johnny, who are later joined by Two-Bit, stay and watch the movie with the two girls. After Dally leaves, Marcia comments "I'm glad he doesn't know us" (Hinton 27). However, Cherry tells Ponyboy "I kind of admire him," (Hinton 27). Later, in Chapter 3, as the group walks to Two-Bit's house to retrieve his car and give the girls a ride home, they have a run in with Marcia and Cherry's boyfriends and their group of Soc friends. As Cherry decides to leave with Bob, she tells Ponyboy "I could fall in love with Dallas Winston" and "I hope I never see him again, or I will" (Hinton 46). It is from this that the reader can infer that Cherry does not want to see Dally again because she will fall in love with him, despite their differences in class and status.