In "Frankenstein," why doesn't the author describe the way Victor looked for the body parts for the female creature? 

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allyson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not think that there is one specific answer to this question, but there are a few possibilities. By not including the details , the author may be illustrating the fact that Viktor is composing this body against his better judgment and will. This way, the reader is not brought into the creation the same way we are with the first creation. Also, by not including the details, it solidifies the idea that Viktor is afraid of being followed by the monster, and so he hides in solitude. Chapter 18 states that Viktor could not compose a female without devoting months to study and that needed to go back to England. That seems to be enough detail.

theresa-diaz | Student

Another reason that can be used to explain why the author does not describe the way Victor searched for the body parts of the female creature is to emphasize on the indecency of the act of which he was partaking in.  One of the novel's themes is the boundaries of nature humans try to cross and the consequences that come with it; already creating the monster was catastrophic enough.  To attempt to do the same process again, with a female this time, seems to be a much more sensitive topic and inhuman act.

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