Why doesn't the waiter at the second restaurant call the cops?

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In the latest of his failed efforts to get sent to prison for the winter, Soapy tries to enter a restaurant, where he plans to eat lots of food then refuse to pay the bill. Yet as soon as the head waiter sets eyes on Soapy's ragged trousers and "decadent" shoes, he roughly escorts the hapless tramp off the premises and puts him out on the sidewalk.

The head waiter doesn't call the police because Soapy hasn't committed a criminal offense. He was going to, of course, but never got the chance. Besides, the head waiter probably figures it's best to handle the matter himself instead of waiting around for the police to arrive. One gets the impression that he's dealt with tramps like Soapy on many previous occasions, and so he knows just what to do.

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