Why doesn't Jeremy ever ride the bus?

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Every day, Jeremy walks to school with the Logans. Jeremy is white, while the Logans are black. At this time, that means that Jeremy could ride the bus to school, but the Logans would have to walk every day, no matter the weather. Jeremy likes the Logans and we understand that he walks with them rather than taking the bus as a sign of solidarity with them. Even in poor weather, he walks with them, which Cassie notices one day. Jeremy has just tried to catch up to the Logans and walk with them, and Stacey is rude; there are too many barriers in the way for them to really be friends. Jeremy does want to be friends, though. It is for this reason that he walks with them until their paths diverge for them to each go to their own schools.

The fact that Jeremy walks to school with the Logans instead of taking the bus does not go unnoticed by the other white kids, including his brothers. Jeremy is made fun of for walking with the Logans, although he doesn’t let this bother him. He is persistent almost to the point of annoying in his efforts to try to be friends with the Logans. Cassie does respect the fact that he walks with them when he could easily and more comfortably take the bus, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are too many factors involved for them to have a true friendship.

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