Why doesn't Gardo want them to go to the station straight away in Trash?

Gardo doesn't want the boys to go to the station straight away in Trash because he knows that the police will be all over Behala looking for the stolen bag. Earlier on, Raphael had told the police that he'd found something. Gardo rightly figures that if all the boys go together to the station at once, then it'll look suspicious that the boy who claimed to find something, Raphael, isn't in the neighborhood.

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One day, Raphael makes a remarkable discovery. He finds a bag containing a map, a key, and a wallet containing the princely sum of 1,100 pesos. After sharing the money with Gardo, Raphael hides the bag in a safe place.

Before long, the police descend on Behala, a sure sign that the lost bag belonged to someone with money. They offer 10,000 pesos, a huge sum of money, to anyone who hands in the bag. Raphael is tempted to do so but doesn't trust the police. When his aunt tells the cops that Raphael found something, he says that it was only a shoe. Raphael is spooked by the incident, and he and Gardo decide to move the bag, which Rat agrees to stash in his walls.

Raphael is most excited by the key that he found in the bag. It's the kind they use for luggage lockers at the Central Station. Understandably, he's incredibly keen to find out what's inside the locker matching the key; he wants to go to the station straight away.

But the more mature, streetwise Gardo stops him. He knows that the police will soon be all over Behala looking for the bag. If the boy who claimed to have found something, namely Raphael, isn't present in the neighborhood, then it will look suspicious, and the police will know that he knows where the bag is.

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