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Yunior, a twelve year old 2nd generation Dominican boy from Jersey, happens to be an extremely carsick person. He is the main character of Junot Diaz's "Fiesta 1980", and the middle brother of three.

Yunior's carsickness is somewhat proportional to the amount of angst and stress that seems to permeate the marriage of his parents. His father, a strong, loud and domineering man, seems to always want for Yunior to feel under pressure, and underestimated. He calls Yunior a weakling due to his vomiting issue, and he allows the other brothers to join in the humiliation. Moreover, he is demanding and believes in corporal punishment. Maybe Yunior is, indeed, a weakling. However, it is more than obvious that his problem with vomiting goes far beyond a mere problem with movement: It may be partly a psychological problem connected to the overpowering figure of his father, his submissive mother, and their seemingly unhappy marriage.

amyrose1 | Student

his sickness is a physical rejection to everything America embodies. He does not fit into the new, American, consumerist society, and through his sickness he illustrates this. The physical movement of the car can be seen as illustrative of immigrants in America, and their struggles to overcome the assimilation and adjustment into this new society.

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