Why does Winston say that Julia is a rebel only from the waist down?This will be in part 2 chapter 1-5

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In part 2 of chapter 5 we see Winston growing as an individual.  Winston is doing his best to get Julia to learn about the history of the Party and what it would mean if they could overthrow the Party.  He is very interested in the politics and the methods the Party uses to brainwash the people and wants to find a way to help the revolution.  At one point, Julia falls asleep as Winston is reading.  Anytime Winston tries to discuss politics or revolt Julia gets bored, and he tells her that she is just a "rebel from the waist down." 

Julia wants her freedom to have sex when she wants it.  She wants freedom to have real coffee and privacy as well as a relationship if she so chooses.  The only time she is interested in rebelling is when there is something in it for her.

"Through her, Winston realizes how easy it is to present the outward appearance of the devoted Party member while having no inward idea of what the Party ideology conveys."