Describe Willy's meeting with Howard and the significance of Dave Singleman in Death of a Salesman.

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Dave Singleman was only a casual acquaintance, but he made a big impression on Willy Loman. Singleman appeared to be a big success as a traveling salesman. He appeared to be famous and popular throughout his extensive territory. Most importantly, this man was eighty-four years old and was still on the road. He was so well-known and well-liked that he didn't have to work very hard. The orders would fall into his lap. He had reached a point in his career at which he no longer had to do cold calling or hard selling. He could just pick up the phone in his hotel room and write down people's orders without stirring. It looked to Willy as if a salesman's life could become easier and easier because he would keep making new friends who would all welcome and accommodate him.

Singleman was one of the reasons Willy didn't plan ahead. He thought he could go on selling, if necessary, into his eighties. He didn't think about retiring because he didn't want to retire. A lot of businessmen are like...

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