Why does war brings up many controversies?

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I think that one of the most basic reasons why war brings up so many controversies is because of the emphasis on the individual in the modern setting.  The exploration of the individual's point of view from many different contexts makes the detailing of war a complex one.  The modern setting is rooted in understanding "the other."  In the retelling of war, this becomes paramount to its viewing.  This means that the point of view of the victor is balanced out with the vanquished.  The role of the soldier is contrasted to that of the civilian.  The role of the anti- war agitator is counter-posed against that of the war hawk.  The result of all of this is that war becomes very complex and subject to much in way of controversy.  Heated discussion adds to the topic when the loss of life becomes an inevitable part of the dialogue.  When absorbing the narratives of lives lost and lives forever changed, controversies result as new emotional and neurological pathways are opened and transformed.  It is in this light where war brings up much in way of controversy and challenge.  It becomes one of the fundamental arenas where exceptionalism and conflict collide, with confusion and a lack of certainty as the only certain results.

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