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Uncle Hammer, who is a formidable appearing man, returns to the farm because he has learned of the trouble that brews. First of all, his sister-in-law, Cassie's mother has begun a boycott on the Wallace store because it has been the Wallace brothers who burned the Berry men. Then, after the Logan ride to Strawberry to make theirs and others' purchases rather than shop at the Wallace's, tensions increase. Added to these tensions, Cassie has been insulted at the store by old Mr. Barnett, who shouts at her to get out after she claims it was her turn to be served and boldly scolds him for not waiting on others quickly enough. She also tells her uncle that Mr. Simms knocked her off the sidewalk.

Angered at this news, Hammer moves toward the door despite Mrs. Logan's attempts at intervention. She calls to him to not make unnecessary trouble.

"Unnecessary trouble! You think my brother died and I got my leg half blown off in their German war to have some red-neck knock Cassie around anytime it suits him? If I'd've knocked his girl down, you know what'd've happened to Me? Yeah, you know all right. Right now I'd be hanging from that oak over yonder. Let go of me, Mary."

Fortunately, Mr. Morrison has reached the Packard simultaneously with Hammer, and he jumps into the passenger seat. Chrstopher-John tells the others that Mr. Morrison will calm down their uncle and bring him back.

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