Why does Twain decide to satirize racisim in his novel and how does he do this?In Chapter 8-16 what are are some pieces some evidence that show twain satirizing racisim? Thank you!

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jkplunk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First consider the definition of satire as a technique that uses comedy to point out the shortcomings of society.  One example of how Twain uses satire is in Chapter 14 when Huck and Jim are talking discussing the fact that Frenchmen talk differently than they do.  Jim does not understand what Huck means and comments that all cats and dogs talk the same, so shouldn’t humans?    Even though we as readers understand that Huck is referencing different languages, Jim does not know what Huck mean.  Even though Jim does not understand, his comment and reaction is quite logical.  Through the humor of this misunderstanding the reader can see that in fact Jim is correct.  It doesn’t matter what language you speak, or to extend it the theme of racism, what color you are, all humans are essentially the same.

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