Why does Tita get so depressed and move into John's house in "Like Water for Chocolate"?

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alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a few reasons for her depression that are specific to the time right before she moves into John's house. First, she is sad about her nephew Roberto, who was sent away and who was almost like a son to her. Then she is further depressed after her doves are taken away by the rebels. Later, she hears of Roberto's death and breaks down crying. She is not comforted and instead is beaten by her mother for not obeying orders by not going back to work.

Of course, the root of her depression is the fact that her mother forbids her to marry the man she loves, Pedro.

khenson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tita is more than depressed.  When Chencha brings news that Tita's nephew, Roberto, is dead; Tita crumbles.  Tita was secretly breastfeeding Roberto and when the young child was separated from his nourishment, he starved to death.  Mama Elena has pushed her to the very end of her rope by pushing Pedro and Roberto far from the woman who loved them.  John fetches the naked and bloody Tita from the dovecote and takes her home to nurse her back to health.

pheak | Student

Well Tita gets so depressed and decided to move in to John's house it is because there are alot of reasons behind it. First of all when she heard the news which Chench came in and tell her that Roberto is dead because of what ever he ate didn't agree with him so therefore something has gone wrong there. And another reason is that she could not stands her mother's anymore. Eversince she was born everything she sees was just depression. Another fact also relates into is that her lover happened to get married to her sisiter. A ma she loves all her life. What does this tells me? Putting all the problems together you came to finally figure out why she is in such a depression. When she became all crazy which her mother thought that she is a lunatoc, her mother have order poeple to take her to the lunatic's hopital because behaving like a wild person. Seeing this John feilt so sorry to see the situation so that is the reason he took her to his house and thake care of her untill she was a better person. So in John's house she feels that she is at home and more relax no more controll from her mother and plus she does not have to be facing Pedro.


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