Why does Thomas Paine think it was necessary to declare independence?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Thomas Paine believed it was necessary for the colonies to declare independence from Great Britain.  He wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense.  This pamphlet was widely read throughout the colonies.  It convinced people that it was really common sense for us to break with Great Britain.  Thomas Paine outlined how the British were violating our rights.  He said the British king would not listen to our concerns.  All of the laws that were passed were ones supported by the King.  These were laws that impacted the colonists, and the colonists had no say regarding the passage of these laws, especially the tax laws.  This, Paine argued, was a basic right for British people.  The people must have representatives who are allowed to vote for taxes.  After reading his pamphlet, many colonists were convinced that declaring independence from Great Britain and from the King was the right thing to do.

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