Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Why does the revolution fail in Animal Farm?

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Napoleon usurping power and utilizing Squealer to manipulate the other animals is the primary reason the revolution is a failure. Initially, the animals successfully expel Mr. Jones and his men from the farm and establish an egalitarian society founded on the principles of Animalism, which is a system of thought derived from Old Major's speech championing animal independence and equality. Shortly after establishing Animal Farm, Napoleon, with the help of his nine ferocious dogs, chases Snowball off the farm and usurps power. Napoleon immediately stops accepting proposals from the other animals during the Sunday meetings and assumes complete authority. Napoleon then employs Squealer to manipulate the animals into supporting his political agenda while simultaneously altering the Seven Commandments to coincide with his policies. Napoleon and Squealer use Snowball as a scapegoat, confuse the animals by making illogical arguments, and establish policies that oppress the other animals. In doing so,...

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pbuzzo04 | Student

The farm of animals reflects the period before the Russian Revolution of 1917. The premature decline of the farm leaders was due to disagreement amongst themselves, with the opportunistic Napoleon (meant to represent Stalin) leading the most idealistic snowball (meant to represent Trotsky.) Napoleon is becoming more and more selfish, acting like a man dressed in clothes and walking upright, which reminds the Soviet leadership that takes over the role of the overthrown royal class because it lived better than the proletariat. The leadership within Animal Farm - all of the pigs - create an alliance with local farmers, both works and looks human, and restores the original name of a farm that was once owned by Jones. However, despite this, they never meet with Jones, who tried one or two times to regain their farm. The animal revolution initially involved all animals, which gave seven commandments for the animals to follow. Nonetheless, there was one rule that stood out: all animals are equal, but some are scared more equal than others, in other words, pigs (leaders) act like overthrown people, restore human name and ally. The last failure is that other animals do not achieve the best life they have been promised, and now they suffer under a new tyrant who is no different from the old tyrant.

Throughout the novel's history, the animals have begun to rely more and more on the leadership of the pigs. They let them know what to do, and let themselves be carried away by blind devotion. The pigs rely on their newly acquired trust and, at the end of the story, can take over and run a farm with Mr. Jones's consolation.

The rebellion is unsuccessful because of the blindness of animals, who assume that they will be represented as equal, but do not realize that pigs add new rules to adapt ("o animal will kill another animal without due cause").
The several executions in the seventh chapter clearly show animal's ignorance to the situation at-hand and in the swift leadership of pigs. During the murders, the animals retreat and do nothing. Some animals, like Benjamin, suspect the overthrow of rebellion, but are afraid to do something by themselves.

The rebellion was condemned from the beginning. Pigs easily conquered animals with propaganda. An example of this was soon after the rebellion and the development of the Seven Commandments, with pigs justifying the need for milk and apples to Jones's lies and threats. I'm going back

Squealer uses propaganda, such as rhetorical questions, lies and threats to convince animals to believe in pigs. Unfortunately for animals, they are easy to carry. Were it not for their blind devotion, trust and naivety, they could easily see how the pigs gradually gain power. Pigs also use dogs as a force to keep animals queued, discouraging them from rebellion attempts. In this case, it would be good for animals. The animal, Benjamin, did not get up and face his suspicions, which could have caused the phrase "all animals are equal" instead of letting pigs go so far, but some are more equal than others? to end. As in the Russian Revolution, the masses are capable but give the impression that they can not think alone. Even when they do, he is in the shadow of the fact that a man can not deal with many unless he is very charismatic and convincing.

To sum it up, the animals failed in their rebellion because they were too confident and did not realize what was going on. Pigs have taken power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.