Why does the revolution fail in Animal Farm?

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Napoleon usurping power and utilizing Squealer to manipulate the other animals is the primary reason the revolution is a failure. Initially, the animals successfully expel Mr. Jones and his men from the farm and establish an egalitarian society founded on the principles of Animalism, which is a system of thought derived from Old Major's speech championing animal independence and equality. Shortly after establishing Animal Farm, Napoleon, with the help of his nine ferocious dogs, chases Snowball off the farm and usurps power. Napoleon immediately stops accepting proposals from the other animals during the Sunday meetings and assumes complete authority. Napoleon then employs Squealer to manipulate the animals into supporting his political agenda while simultaneously altering the Seven Commandments to coincide with his policies. Napoleon and Squealer use Snowball as a scapegoat, confuse the animals by making illogical arguments, and establish policies that oppress the other animals. In doing so,...

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