There Will Come Soft Rains Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Why does the house go into a sudden state of alarm after a tree limb crashes through a window?

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The house goes into a sudden state of alarm when the tree branch crashes through the window because the branch breaks a large bottle of cleaning solvent that is housed above the stove. When the chemicals fall onto the hot stove, the liquid bursts into flames and runs all over the room. The fire spreads incredibly quickly and moves all over the house, despite the house's best efforts to put it out.

Water pumps shoot water down from the ceiling, the doors all close automatically, water rats come out of the walls and shoot the flames with streams of water, and water jets from the sprayers in the walls. Finally, "blind robot faces" come out from the attic with their "faucet mouths gushing green chemical" to put the fire out. It almost works, but not quite, because the fire has sent flames outside of the house, and those flames reach the attic and disable the house's "brain" so that it can no longer coordinate its response to the fire. It is notable that, despite all of the house's incredible technologies, one errant tree branch is all it takes to, eventually, destroy the entire edifice. Despite all of the manufactured and ingenious gadgets and inventions, nature is unpredictable and powerful and can still best them.

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