The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket Questions and Answers
by Yasunari Kawabata

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Why does the boy repeat his question three times?

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A group of children are busily running around, looking for bugs to put in their lanterns. One of the children, a young boy, catches what he thinks is a large grasshopper. Excited by his find, he loudly exclaims to the other children, "Does anyone want a grasshopper?" First, as we've already seen, he's excited by his find. Secondly, he wants to show off to the other children, who flock round him excitedly when he announces his discovery.

A girl takes the boy up on his offer. Perhaps this was what the boy was angling for all along; maybe he didn't just want to impress all the other children, but this one girl specifically. In any case, it turns out that his find wasn't quite as impressive as he thought it was. For after he gently transfers the insect to the girl's hands the boy is informed by the girl that it's not a grasshopper that he's caught, but a cricket.

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